A Faith in God to Move a Mountain

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”
Mark 11:24

By Pachia

March 2022

We had just started walking down the aisles of the Hmong Village shopping center, and unexpectedly, we came across a beautiful Green Hmong traditional outfit on display outside a clothing store. We learned that it was one of the rare, hand sewn, and original, traditional Green Hmong outfits. Before we left the store, I went to tell the store owner we were co-workers of Jesus and wanted to know if she had any prayer requests. To my surprise, I learned she was a Christian, a follower of Jesus. Her name was Doua. This is her story and her testimony on how she came to be a follower of Jesus, receiving Jesus as her God, Lord, and Savior. 

Doua’s husband is not a Christian and does not allow her to attend church. They married in 1989. Doua says, “We were married for a long time and did not have children so we went to see the doctor.” The doctors told her and her husband that they would be unable to have a child due to a medical reason she had. At that time, Doua suffered from sleep paralysis, in Hmong it is called “npau sua tsog tsuam”. The demon that attacked her in the night looked like a rat with a tail like a snake. She asked her pastor to kill an animal that looked like a rat and Doua was set free. 

In 1993 after this incident, the Lord gave Doua a verse, Mark 11:24. She wrote down a prayer request to God for a child and posted it on her wall. She began praying and believing in God for a child, standing in faith on the truth of Mark 11:24. Doua promised God that if He gave her a child, she would offer the baby to Him, like Hannah in the Bible (1 Samuel 1). In 2000, after 7 years of persistent prayer and faith in God, God answered Doua and she had a child, a daughter. She offered her daughter’s life to God to be used for God’s purpose as she had promised God. She testified to the doctors that God had done a miracle and they believed her because they said it was medically impossible for her to have a child. 

Since this miracle, Doua’s faith in God has increased and she has become a follower of Jesus, reading her Bible, discipling and ministering to her family and relatives. She has seen God move in miracles, healing and deliverance. Today, Doua has four children. Her oldest child, who was born by the miracle of God, is 22 years old. She believes God has His hand, favor and blessing on her life. She is proud that her children follow God and they pray to God for help in their lives and studies since she teaches them to do so. She is still praying and believing in God for the salvation of her husband. 

I see that Doua is a prayer warrior with a gift of faith and follows the Word of God. She prays for God’s workers since she can’t go to church. She is a woman who has the glory of God on her and is treasured by God.

I asked what would be a word of encouragement that she would like to share with others. She said, “If you have a sickness, a need from God, you must pray, patiently hope in God, be persistent, trust God and have faith in God for it. As Psalm 118:9 says, “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.” For the one who wants a child, seek God and you will have what you say when you have faith in God. I pray that God will bless you who reads my testimony here. Whatever you desire, keep asking God for it in hope and prayer, I believe He will answer your prayers like He did for me. I am thankful to God He answered my prayer.”

Prayer to Receive Jesus:

Dear Lord Jesus, I believe in my heart that you died on the cross for my sins and rose on the third day. Thank you for your cross. Please forgive me for my sins. I repent or turn away from my sins and receive you Jesus as my God, Lord and Savior of my life. Jesus I invite you to come into my heart. Help me Holy Spirit to know Jesus more and help me to live my life for Jesus. In Jesus’  mighty Name I pray, Amen.